6 key differences: successful vs extremely successful people

successful people

Successful people and extremely successful people handle these things differently:

1. Difficulty

Successful people rate tasks by difficulty and they use minimum effort to get maximum benefit. They don’t waste their time on what wouldn’t work.

For extremely successful people, there’s only one level of difficulty: anything is possible. They do what needs to be done regardless of how difficult other people see it.

2. Security

Successful people are good at taking calculated risks. They do their best to minimize risks and they discard excessively risky options.

Highly successful people are riskier than the risk they might face. So, risk learns to stay away from them.

3. Passion

Successful people follow their passion and they chase what they’re passionate about with all their might.

Extremely successful people are passionate about living. They passionately approach everything they come across: they don’t discard anything.

4. Learn

Successful people are avid learners: they learn and then make the best of what they learn by combining their accumulated knowledge and using it to create something new.

Extremely successful people generate new knowledge and then teach it to other people. They realize early that what they want to learn doesn’t exist yet, so they go ahead and forge the new path.

5. Motivation

Successful people are self-motivated. They can find motivation in the most unusual places as it is the juice that keeps them running.

Extremely successful people work through boredom. It’s nice to be motivated but they’re capable of doing a great job even when they feel down. They are determined to succeed and not even their own self can stand in their way.

6. Ethics

Successful people play by the rules.

Extremely successful people renegotiate the rules when necessary.

You see, anyone can be successful in life. But only a select few can be extremely successful. What is important is, you need to know for sure which group you want to belong to. And live your life accordingly.

Elon Musk Incredible Speech — Motivational video 2017

Yes, I think it’s possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.

Elon Musk

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