This is the best advice you will ever receive in life [from me]

Turn your life around and start living your best life.

Do you remember back then in school? If you study, you have more chances of passing your exams. The more you study, the better you’ll do. There’s no trick to it, no short cut. 

Life is exactly the same way. In life, everything can be learned. Including how to love. This means, the more you learn about life the better you’ll do. I propose this. At a point in your lifetime, take a sabbatic year and learn about life for 5 hours every day. 

Just like in school: watch educational videos but all about life. Watch documentaries, autobiography movies, conferences and talks, interviews with successful people, fictional movies about life, etc. This will be like the teacher explaining the topics in the classroom.

Next, read books. A tone of them. Not the ones you like, but the ones in the syllabus. Read non-fiction, scientifically-backed books. Read about what science has to say about life: philosophy, psychology, biology, some chemistry, physics and mathematics. I guarantee you, you will be amazed with your findings of what mathematics has to say about life. You don’t have to do the calculations, there are lots of maths books written in the form of a novel for the public. 

Take notes just like you’d do in school. And examine yourself every two weeks. Send me your papers, I will give you an unweighted grade. 

Also as in school, put the things you learn into practice. Experiment when you can. 

At the end of the year, I can assure you that you will be transformed in a way you never realized was possible. 

If everyone were to use one year of the university to actively learn about life, the world would be a much better place. 

The best the educational system does is to teach students what’s “acceptable” by society [they were born to] and what’s not. It is important to do this to prevent Mayhem and chaos but sometimes, the teachers themselves can not be neutral and then end up serving their own personal agenda.

But if you study life on your own, you will find some universal truths and some truths that only apply to you. 

You don’t have the finance to take 1 sabbatic year? If you have a job, send me a message let’s see how we can optimize your finance and make a plan to allow the sabbatic year. 

If you’re not sure you can keep up and not waste time, sign up for my coaching program for as low as 1$ and I will help you stay on track and provide accountability. 

The basic plan is: 

  1. Take the first month to wind down. 
  2. Take the second month to design a syllabus that works for you. Spending 5 hours a day on research and information gathering, putting together the material you need. 
  3. Dedicate 5 hours a day for the next 5 months to learn the theories and 3 hours for practice. 
  4. At this point, you’d have learned so much you’d know if there’s any new skill you want to learn. If there’s one, move to step 5, if not, keep learning about life and skip to step 7. 
  5. Take month 8 to research and put together the resources and materials that will help you learn the new skill. If what you want to learn has to do with the university, then gather information about the course of your choice on online study platform edX with free courses from Harvard, MIT, Yale, etc. 
  6. Learn the new skill you wanted to learn or study the course of your choice 8hours a day for the next 3 months. 
  7. In month 12, read the notes you had taken for the last 11 months. 
  8. Decide if any of this was worth it.

If you’re afraid about the gap there would be on your CV for neither working nor enrolled in a school for a whole year, don’t be afraid to tell them you took that year to learn about life. 

I can imagine how scary this idea seems. Let me tell you a secret: until barely a year ago, I wasn’t really sure how to go about in my life. I had an idea about where I wanted to be but not exactly how I can get there. After taking some months to actively learn about life, some more months to put together the resources I needed, and a few more to learn some important skills, I now have a clear[er] destination and I know how to get there. I’ve never been happier. 

From where I stand, this unconventional advice is worth it. I will guide you through the whole process for free if you’re interested. 


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